The Airtime Awards – Success Stories for 2019

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We’re officially in a new decade, and it’s time to reflect on the year that was. So we thought we’d highlight some of the best strategies from 2019 to get you inspired for 2020.

Most Effective Use of Airtime Voice

River 94.9, Grant Broadcasters, Australia

Airtime Voice was released last year and one Community have effectively given their members a way to have their voice heard! Not only that, they’ve used quality voice grabs on the air. With over 30% of participants opting to record a voice message (as opposed to typing) it’s not surprising that Drew Chapman of River 94.9 said, “I can’t tell you how valuable [Airtime Voice] is to have access to these audio grabs for on air promos.” Check out how they used Airtime voice in the grab below.

Most Effective Use of Social Media Promotions

hit105, Southern Cross Austereo, Australia

In 2019 we continued to see amazing results for Airtime Casuals. The hit105 team were able to beat their previous records with over 1,500 new recruits in a single week and close to 5,000 survey completes, over 80% of which came through the Casual link. One strategy that worked well was posting the Casual link in the comments on other related posts to extend the reach to those who may not have seen or engaged with the original post. You can read more about their strategies here.

Most Unique Use of Emails

Kiss 92, Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore

Last year Kiss 92 ran a campaign that asked their members to reply-to an email for competition entry. It was an easy two-step process for members: hit reply and send an email. Reply-to’s are a personal experience (as members know they’re talking to a real person) as opposed to competition forms on your website. This strategy was great for an immediate response campaign and a Community exclusive experience.

Kiss Reply-To EDM Campaign

Most Effective Use of Sampling

BH FM, Rádio Belo Horizonte Ltda, Brazil

We’ve got some very healthy Communities on Airtime Surveys who’ve come up with clever ways to maximise their samples. BH FM use a split sampling strategy to double the number of songs they test each survey, by setting up two parallel surveys and targeting each email to a percentage of their members. For example, they send an invitation to 50% of their community to participate in survey 1 and the remaining 50% are invited to participate in survey 2.

Most Creative Use of Question Type

Hitz, Astro Radio, Malaysia

Hitz took advantage of the Audio Single Answer question type in Airtime to test how one of their breakfast show segments resonated with their listeners. They were able to see that a significant number of their listeners loved what they were hearing. Check out other ways to use this question type here.

Well done everyone for upping the ante in 2019. Now, who can take these creative ideas to the next level in 2020? The challenge is on!

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