Part 6: The Radio Listener Journey

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Over the coming weeks we’ll be releasing a series of articles based on a recent research project conducted by Xtra Insights. While these articles can be read individually, we suggest reading them sequentially so you can follow along more easily. If you haven’t already, we recommend reading this article first:
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A recent research project conducted by Xtra Insights of close to 3000 people aged 16-39 around the Asia-Pacific region uncovered four distinct radio listener groups. Although each group was comprised of several defining characteristics, when observing the radio listener journey for each group across their different life stages, there are a few trends occurring.

Music Mainstreamers are the dominant group for 16-39-year olds, with the desire for familiar music strong across the ages. We see more 16 year-olds listening to mainstream music, but as they head further into their formative years, music discovery starts to creep up as young people become more discerning in their musical tastes.

As they start heading into their 20s, content starts gaining importance. By the time they’ve reached their mid-20s and they move into the next life stage, which usually consists of more responsibility, less free time, and greater distraction, music discovery begins to dwindle.

It’s at this point in most people’s lives that lean-back listening becomes more common and you see the Passives are overtaking the proactive Music Discoverers. The role of content also starts to become more consistent.

Ultimately, the key to programming is getting the right mix of music and content for your station and remembering that your listener journey changes over time. As we’ve mentioned before, it’s the variety of music and content that sets radio apart from the alternatives available.

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